Monday, December 10, 2007


Yesterday, I happened to be at a Carol Service somewhere in Lagos and one of the invited guests was Frank Tyson/Edohor/Peters. If you still don't know him, he is the popular host of "Who wants to be a Pugilist?". My bad. I meant "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
As you may/may not know, the press seems to think that Frank engages in amateur boxing in the confines of his home. He is often said to use his wife as a sparring partner . Further details can be got here

Anyway, he was at the Carol service to talk about what Christmas meant to him. Before he proceeded to deliver his treatise, he introduced his wife as the reason behind his success. He went on about her for a few minutes before veering off into the main business of the night.
Well, if Frank is trying to do damage limitation, he has a long way to go. There are over 10,000 churches in Lagos. I think he still has about 9999 churches to visit.


Anonymous said...

I personally can not stand a coward that hits his wife. It is a shameful act and there is no excuse whatsoever for it. There are several ways of 'dealing' with your wife if you think she has offended you( silence is number 1). I also believe that while 'dealing' with her, it should be done out of love and there must be a limit to it. There is a Yoruba proverb that says when you discipline a child with the right hand, you show affection with the left.

A wife beater usually is a very weak man. My respect and admiration for Frank now has gone to sub-zero. I honestly can not watch any of his programs anymore because I feel he is unworthy to host any family entertainment show.

If he is so good at boxing, then he should take it up as a profession and stop using his wife! My heart goes to Catherine ( I think that's her name). May God grant her the grace to deal with what she is going through.....True talk

Ms. emmotions said...

if really frank batters his wife then too bad. i just dosent strike me as a voilent man.


Ms. emmotions said...

some typo wu there,
pardon me,

by the way, howdy comrade?

Ms. emmotions said...

oh dear,

another typo, some typo up there.

will i ever get use to this my new keyboard? i wonda ooo

2ndCorin5:17 said...

lol... so ur a guy ehn?

Syke.. I knew that!

anonymous gal said...

is this story true. mhen and to think i liked the creep.bloody coward. thats assumin the story is true o.

For the love of me said...

Lol @Frank Tyson, He is probably trying to do damage control not because he is sorry but perhaps MTN has threatened to yank him off the show. Agatha of inside out lost some sponsors cos she got a divorce, No coporate body wants to identify with bad press. Anyway I wish Frank luck, if indeed he is beating his wife, he probably should get help.Sometimes the batterers are victims as well.

Kiibaati said...

The couple has issues but life most go on. I think its tome thy both get a break (from the public) so they can move on. No point in hitting at a guy who's been down but is now finding his feet...

shola pacheco said...

comrade oga ho,i just find this amusing,no disrespect to nyone sha

laspapi said...

Frank is my friend as you are and we must be careful about hearsay. I have no idea of the veracity of this story but would choose to believe him over linda ikeji. I like the fact that kiibati and a couple of others didnt conclude on the matter. Sometimes there's smoke without fire.
ps. Agatha Amata is not divorced. She is my friend too.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...


o boy, u wan kill me with laughter?

Comrade said...

@ms. emmotions
I didn't say anything o. Infact I wasn't there when it didn't happen

How u dey? I hear you are coming home

@anonymous gal
I didn't say the story was true o. I just made some references to someone who made references to someone .............. I just said that I heard he was good with his hands

@ for the love of me
Me I don't know if it's damage control o. I just said he has so many places to visit in order to make people know he is happily married

I beleive life must go on too. They're obviously trying to move on with life. As per hitting him, I'm really not capable of such. I just write , that's all

@ shola
Please stay amused and don't draw any further conclusions o

Smoke without fire???? Only 1 person can cause such smoke to appear- The devil. I actually suspect all of this is the work of the devil and his cohorts. They took the image of a perfectly happy young man and turned it to that of a wife-beater

@ Catwalq
I didn't say anything o. Please do not die because of rumor o. As I said earlier, I wasn't there when it didn't happen

rethots said...

Hmmm, no comments. "...walk a mile in my shoes" from a post, Things are not always as they seem on

For the love of me said...

Came for an update but looks like we won't get one till the new year.
@laspapi, just found out agatha is seperated and not divorced,my goof.
and linda isn't the one who reported the story, she merely put of interviews both couples suppossedly granted to encomium or fame or smething.

laspapi said...

Thanks for making the show at Terra, Comrade. Here's to a very happy new year.

nneoma said...

lol at "he is the popular host of 'Who wants to be a Pugilist?'" (yeah, i had to look up the word pugilist to get it, but it's funny by the way. I'm glad that Nigerians are taking a public stand against wife abuse. And in regards to whether his beatings are just rumours...i doubt it. stories of this nature do not just come out of thin air. and domestic violence is so common, that it is not impossible that even famous couples are guilty of it. and as to whether he looks like a violent man - i mean, c'mon, really, does anyone have to look violent in order to beat up on the weaker vessel. He doesn't have to have blood shot eyes or to be foaming at the mouth to be violent looking....

Anonymous said...

Shame that some people here are defending that coward.