Monday, December 10, 2007


Yesterday, I happened to be at a Carol Service somewhere in Lagos and one of the invited guests was Frank Tyson/Edohor/Peters. If you still don't know him, he is the popular host of "Who wants to be a Pugilist?". My bad. I meant "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
As you may/may not know, the press seems to think that Frank engages in amateur boxing in the confines of his home. He is often said to use his wife as a sparring partner . Further details can be got here

Anyway, he was at the Carol service to talk about what Christmas meant to him. Before he proceeded to deliver his treatise, he introduced his wife as the reason behind his success. He went on about her for a few minutes before veering off into the main business of the night.
Well, if Frank is trying to do damage limitation, he has a long way to go. There are over 10,000 churches in Lagos. I think he still has about 9999 churches to visit.