Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Little is known about the family history of the Embattled Speaker of the House of Representatives. She is largely known as Patricia Olubunmi Etteh - A hairdresser from Ikire who rose from humble beginnings to the enviable height of Nigeria's No. 4 citizen. Many people (especially Yorubas) wonder where she got the name 'Etteh" from. After all, the name does not exactly sound "Yorubaish". After doing some sleuthing, I discovered that her name Etteh is probably from the Etteh family of Etteh Aro and partners. Etteh Aro and partners is a reputable Construction Engineering Practise located in Bodija, Ibadan. The practise was set up by Engineer (Rev) Etteh and (Late) Engnr Arokodare. These names ring bells in the minds of those who grew up in Bodija and its environs. The Speaker's official history shows that she worked in this company in the early 70's. An unofficial account says she was married to Engnr. Etteh. This account also happens to be the most widely circulated.However, some extra research has thrown this assertion into doubt. You can read further by clicking on this link

At the bottom of the above article, it is stated that "He (Engnr Etteh) is married to Elizabeth Ibia Etteh, they have a son, Akpanoluo and a daughter Nkaepe". Could Elizabeth Ibia Etteh and Patricia Olubunmi Etteh be the same person or are they different people? One of these 3 possibilities is true -

-She could have been married to Engnr Etteh before he met Elizabeth
-She could have been married to Engnr Etteh's relation
-She could actually be Engnr Etteh's present wife
This is quite an interesting scenario.

Could Patricia Olubunmi Etteh actually be a Pastor's Wife?


2ndCorin5:17 said...

wow.. welcome.... I like ur blog already

olaoluwatomi said...

nice blog, nice descriptions, looking 4ward to reading of your xperiences in the molue!

Anonymous said...

As far as i know and i stand to be corrected. Mrs Elizabeth Ibia Etteh is the only wife of Engr Etteh. I am thinking Mrs Patricia Etteh happened to have been a girlfriend that had children for him. At no point was he married to her.

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